Smoke Signals

Released: 1986-01-14
Label: Motown

“Smoke Signals” is a Smokey Robinson masterpiece opening with the smooth & rhythmic “Some People (Will Do Anything For Love)” and it is clear this is a soulful Smokey Robinson in his finest hour! At his seductive best in “Sleepless Nights”, this gorgeous smooth & exotic song with a flowing vocal from the master is incomparable. Smokey started “Quiet Storm” music which is a sleek & sophisicated mixture of jazz and soul and this stellar work from the mid-eighties is the beginning of “Quiet Storm” music and a fine example “Because Of You (It’s The Best It’s Ever Been)” is soulful & flowing with gorgeous background vocals complete with sensuous sax* interludes (*Lyricon) that beg to pop the cork and lite the fire as this is romantic and a Smokey classic original.