Exclusive: Music Icons Smokey Robinson And J Dilla Set Off Burble’s NFT Platform

The music driven project highlights Detroit music legends with visual artists Tyree Guyton and Desiree Kelly.

Beginning today, you will be able to experience some of your favorite music stars in the NFT space like never before. Launching today (April 6th), Burble, the premiere music-driven platform for NFTs, will make the art-influenced lives of producer extraordinaire J-Dilla and Motown legend/singer/songwriter Smokey Robinson, available for your purchase.

Ok, so what is an NFT?

The term has been weaved in and out of conversations among the elite to the everyday digital fanatic and still, most don’t know what it is. Over the past year or so, NFTs (non-fungible tokens) have been gaining more publicity and selling in the millions on the digital blockchain where the tech-savvy buy, trade, and sell digital currency like Bitcoin. However, where something is fungible, it’s connected to a certain dollar value (like various cryptocurrency), whereas a non-fungible token isn’t connected to a particular dollar value at any given moment. Thus, a type of gold rush to create art in any form for the Web 3.0 platform has caused for all types of misconceptions and opportunities for all sorts of creators to make the type of money they used to dream of. Yet, each time one of their works is sold on the blockchain, they forever get a percentage of the sale.

NFTs have taken over the world of creative arts and settled the landscape for the creators of visual and sonic assets. Helping to usher in this new universe is Burble, one of the premiere music-driven platforms showcasing non-fungible token.

Operating on various blockchain platforms, Burble’s aim is to return value back to the music creators who can now benefit from their likeness and creations through various NFTs. The company’s first offering for the masses comes by way of the iconic art inspired by two of Detroit’s champions: J Dilla and Smokey Robinson. The two music heavyweights are immortalized in an NFT series titled Detroit Rising, where their stories are told through video and art pieces created by award-winning visual artists and Detroit natives, Tyree Guyton and Desiree Kelly. Both exhibit the soulful presence of what Dilla and Robinson convey through their sounds of Blackness that have reached all races and genres, but in a unique format that captures their tone and feel like nothing else.

Using a unique scrolling style, these stories (with others on the way) will be available for purchase through Burble on the Polygon blockchain (a decentralized Ethereum scaling platform that enables developers to build scalable user-friendly apps with low transaction fees). Burble’s executive team—music industry vet Eric and Marcus Spence and creative director Leslie Lyons—are the leaders in making this rare project light up the NFT and music-loving industry.

“The campaigns we are creating help expand the NFT community and allow audiences to be a part of history,” said Eric Spence, CEO of Burble. “We are excited to provide a platform, in partnership with VIBE, to help break those barriers so that everyone can fully engage in a project that uplifts multicultural artists’ voices.”

VIBE is proud to announce this project, as we continue the long-standing pursuit of our publishing brand aligning with those that amplify the stories of Black artists that have influenced so many lives. “Using this platform to introduce his [J Dilla’s] music and story to a diverse, new audience, truly allows him to live forever,” says J Dilla’s mother, Ma Dukes.

The great Smokey Robinson also approves of the movement that carries his personal origin story to glory with Detriot love: “I have been blessed to play a pivotal role not only as a musician, but as an ambassador for this amazing city, so I was excited to tell this story in a new way and be a part of the NFT movement, for the culture.”

For the full-on J-Dilla and Smokey Robinson NFT story experience go to Burble.it.

For more information follow @burble.it on all social platforms on Polygon via http://burble.it/.

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