Cause Swarm announced,

a digital platform designed to rally millions of people

around worthy causes by harnessing the power of social networking

via periodic call-to-action Smoke Alarms

LOS ANGELES, CA–June 21, 2012–American icon Smokey Robinson and David Clark, the global leader in creating cause-related brands and initiatives, have teamed up with Ad Agency leader Crispin Porter + Bogusky to announce a new global digital platform, “Cause Swarm,” to address social issues via “Smoke Alarms.”

Smoke Alarm’s creator Smokey Robinson states, “I want to promote the basic idea that all people should have equal access to simple things like food, water and medicine.  My inspiration comes from icons of equality I have known over the years, like Jackie Robinson, Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr.,” said Robinson. “In this digital age we have the tools to level the playing field for those in need, so I’m calling on my friends and fans to lend their voices to mine, so we can collectively make a difference.”

When Smokey hits the Smoke Alarm “send” button on his Twitter account to raise funds for a specific cause, the message will instantly post to all of his social media feeds, which in turn will instantly activate all of his celebrity friends to Tweet and post to all of their social media feeds.  By aggregating the social media of just 10 – 20 of his friends, Smokey’s tweet can instantly reach hundreds of millions of people around the world.  In addition, the people receiving these messages will also be able to opt into the Smoke Alarm themselves by Tweeting and posting the message to all of their social media feeds.  By initiating these digital wildfires for good, Smokey will lead the charge to solve specific issues – fast.

“I have admired Smokey Robinson as a true artist, and man of integrity for decades now.” Said Elton John “As a friend of Smokey’s, I wish him every success with such an important, innovative and smart way to raise the alarm for those who have no voice.”

One of the first celebrities to sign on to the program was actress and producer Eva Longoria who stated, “Smokey Robinson has always been a force of nature and I’m proud to stand with him as he breaks new ground in philanthropy like he’s done countess times in music. What makes Smoke Alarm so powerful is the man and heart behind it.”  Hilary Duff said, “It is inspiring to see an icon like Smokey Robinson stand up to use his cultural influence to raise funds for worthy causes by asking his friends to empower their social media voice.  I am proud to stand up and be counted as a member of Smoke Alarm.”

“As an iconic figure who rose out of the Civil Rights movement to help inspire and shape music and culture around the world, Smokey Robinson has the credibility to attract renowned celebrities, corporations, and the public at large to stand with him as he promotes some of the most important causes of our time – instantly,” noted James Franco.  “I’m proud to lend my social media feed to Smokey so we can enable as many people as possible to help those in need.”

Cause Swarm creator David Clark observes, “People rely on their social media communities and mobile phones as never before.  There’s an unprecedented opportunity here to reach and mobilize people around the world for social change. Just think about the critical role social media played in facilitating the Arab Spring,” Clark continues, “Because of Smokey’s unique standing, and the powerful coalition being built to support him, when Smokey initiates a Smoke Alarm, people around the world will be empowered to act as never before.”

“Cause Swarm is a social media platform designed to support a branded call to action, such as Smokey Robinson’s Smoke Alarm, which will blitz underpublicized causes with enormous exposure to get the funding they need in a matter of days,” comments CP+B CEO Andrew Keller.

The branding behind Smoke Alarm and Cause Swarm was officially unveiled tonight at the prestigious Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in France.

For more information visit: www.SmokeAlarm.org



Smokey Robinson is one of the most acclaimed and celebrated singer-songwriters in the world, and Bob Dylan pronounced him asAmerica’s “greatest living poet.” With a hit song in 1958, Smokey’s remarkable careerspans over 5 decades and 11 U.S. Presidencies.  A part of the cultural fabric of America itself, Smokey has penned more than 4,000 songs and continues to thrill audiences with sold-out performances around the globe. Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Smokey founded The Miracles while still in high school, and it was at Robinson’s suggestion that Berry Gordytake the Motown Record business national. In addition to writing hits forThe Miracles and himself, Robinson wrote and produced hits for other Motown greats including The Temptations, Mary Wells and Marvin Gaye, and he has the unique distinction of having both The Beatles and The Rolling Stones re-make his songs into hits (“You Really Have A Hold On Me” & “Going to a Go-Go”).  Most recently celebrated at The Kennedy Center Honors, Smokey is a member of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame and the Songwriters’ Hall of Fame.  For more information visit www.smokeyrobinson.com


For almost two decades DCC founder David Clark has beencreating and producing cause-related initiatives across all disciplines and media channels. Noted for the quality of hisgroundbreaking ideas, David has a history of creating intellectual properties that leverage the iconic stature and cultural currencyof world-renowned individuals and organizationsaround the globe. Select initiatives include creating and launching the “46664”HIV/AIDS brand for President Nelson Mandela, which included a globally broadcast concert that featured U2, Beyoncé and Peter Gabriel, and initiatingthe “Instant Karma” all-star benefit album for AmnestyInternational’s ‘Save Darfur’ campaign which featured U2, GreenDay, R.E.M. and Aerosmith.  For more information visit www.davidclarkcause.com


Named “Agency of the Decade” and “Agency of the Year” 13times in trade press, CP+B is an advertising agency that hasbeen making brands famous for more than 22 years—the Truthanti-smoking campaign, Mini Cooper, Miller Lite, Volkswagen,Coke Zero, Microsoft, Best Buy, Burger King and Domino’s.The agency is part idea factory, part technology startup withmore than 850 employees worldwide, collaborating across sixfactories in Boulder, Miami, Los Angeles, Toronto, London and Gothenburg, Sweden. Their work always strives to impact cultureand push technological boundaries.  For more information visit www.cpbgroup.com

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