Smokey Robinson shares his secret to looking and feeling young

by: Christine Samra, Sam Rubin

Motown legend Smokey Robinson is in his 80s, but you’d never know it by looking at him.

So, what’s his secret to staying so youthful?

“I just try to take care of myself,” he revealed to Sam Rubin on KTLA 5 Morning News Monday. “I work out every morning and I know that I have to, to try and keep myself mobile, to keep myself in shape. I think it’s necessary after you get to be 40. It’s your other job to take care of yourself.”

The Miracles founder is definitely in shape. The 82-year-old rocked fans during this year’s Stagecoach festival in Indio.

“I had never been booked on a country western concert tour thing! I was the only act there that wasn’t known as a country western act, ” he laughed. “So, I was surprised that they booked me there, but however it turned out really good, and we had a great time. I enjoyed it so much until I told them to ‘book me back again.’”

Robinson is set to hit the stage of Inglewood’s YouTube Theater later this year. He explained to KTLA the benefits of performing close to home.

“I’m able to accommodate my family, which is 100 people” the Detroit-native laughed. “I’m so happy that we’re going to play there, at the YouTube Theater because, normally, when I play here, I’m at the Greek or the Hollywood Bowl or somewhere like that. I’ve been doing that years and years and years. This is going to be a new experience.”

The singer is happy to be back on stage after two years due to the pandemic, however, he revealed that he didn’t need to be onstage to realize he missed it.

“I tried retiring one time in my life, and it didn’t work for me. I love my job,” he said. I really miss it when I’m not doing it.”

He explained how this year is very busy for him and his band because they’re making good on postponed concert dates due to the COVID-19 shutdowns along with new dates.

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